Casus is a living exploration of a plot of 24800 acres west of Phoenix, Arizona purchased in 2017 by Cascade Investments, LLC, an investment company founded and funded by Bill Gates. Though plans have been tight-lipped and speculative, sources say that Gates plans on creating a future city on this site. Currently, the area is natural; paved two-lane roads map out dairy farms and then lead to dirt roads. Off-road vehicles are the only plausible way to begin to explore this area. When the future city is designed and the land as it is known is scraped away, what will remain in our memory. What will remain in the memory of the land. For Casus, latin for fallen and the root of the word cascade, I have begun to explore and document the land as is. In the darkroom, I survey mark the paper by encoded folds, tapes, and turns. The result is a psychic fall of the soon to be erased. -Stephanie DeMer, October 2018